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By Jeane Neal
“Witness a nation’s carnival that crosses land and sea through music, rhythm and history…”
..Was the initial introduction the public received for the first carnival documentary produced in North America. The black and white trailers and advertisements leading up to this enchanting affair could only leave an individual wondering: what exactly is 1615?
The love of carnival, culture and music is ever contagious, so it was only natural for the innovative 1615 production team to create and share this vibrant story. 1615 signifies the mileage from the land of Trinidad and Tobago, crossing over the Caribbean Sea to the melting pot of South Florida.

It was an intimate red carpet affair held on a Sunday evening. Friends, family and lovers of carnival gathered in the SIPA auditorium at the FIU South Campus to watch history unfold. In the entrance, there were tables decorated with masks and beads while there was a step and repeat if you wanted to show your photogenic side. On the stairs stood a young woman dressed in a long blue streaming gown made by Sasha-Ann Clement, founder of Audaz Eventz. She was quite statuesque I must say, as she stood there flawlessly and poised the entire night!

The film itself was enrapturing from beginning to end. It gave a thorough explanation of how this tradition began and how it evolved to what it is now. As a true lover of bacchanal, that was the most important aspect to me. The history is so rich yet often overlooked. A few other highlights featured jouvert, fetes and a contestant of the Miss Miami Broward Carnival pageant sponsored by Party Room Squad mas band.
Carnival festivities are right around the corner so it was only fitting to have premiere a few weeks before. The music and the vibe were nice and I couldn’t help but smile thinking my turn was soon to be had. Stay safe on the road as Miami Carnival is fast-approaching, and watch out for those cameras because your turn may be next!
-Yours In Mas

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