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The producers of Rude Boy and Gangster’s Paradise reteam to deliver this rollicking }action comedy} about a Jamaican police detective who comes to America in search of three elusive bandits who have absconded with the Queen’s jewels. No matter what it takes, Detective Colonel Stevens (Leo Wilson) always gets his man. When Bandit (Hurricane Gilbert), Massive (Jon “Ras Kidus” MacFarlane), and Vincent (Bogle Dread) flee to Oakland, California with the priceless jewels, Detective Colonel Stevensgives chase. Upon arriving stateside, the detective finds that Bandit has landed in jail. Now, in order to track down Massive and Vincent, the loose-cannon lawman springs Bandit from the pen, and hits the streets. The harder Detective Colonel Stevens pushes bandit to lead him to the jewels, however, the more the wily outlaw works steer the cop awry. Meanwhile, Massive works to persuade Vincent to reveal where the jewels are hidden, assembling a gang too strike back at this former partner-in-crime after he refuses to talk. Little does Massive realize that Vincent is fully prepared to fight back, and protect his fortune at all costs. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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