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This recipe for Tiramisu is an island favorite because of the lady who made it. Margret Cousin, wife of the Deputy Govenor of Anguilla for the past 5 years. Fond memories of the departing couple will be enhanced by this recipe.


2 packets trifle sponges or lady fingers
6 ounces strong black coffee
3 tablespoons brandy
3 tablespoons marsala
250 gm mascarpone cream cheese
10 ounces double cream lightly whipped
4 level tablespoons icing sugar
plain chocolate


Lay half the sponge or fingers in dish. Add marsala and brandy to the coffee and pour half the mixture over the cake. Mix cream, mascarpone and icing sugar and spread half over the cakes. Make a second layer of cakes, pour over remaining coffee mixture and cover with cream mixture. Grate chocolate over the top or dust with cocoa.
Will freeze well.

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