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By Kyle Prince


Hundreds of lively and energetic Caribbean college students invaded Daytona beach this past weekend(April 5th -April 7th) for the annual Florida Caribbean Students’ Association Conference. The event is hyped up within each University’s Caribbean student organisation all throughout the year, which builds up the ULTIMATE anticipation, leading to an ULTIMATE weekend. It is a weekend of fun, education, networking and bonding.

On Friday the Students arrived to Daytona and jumped right into the action with a talent show in the evening and a bashment style party once night fell. Wotlessnes is achieved as badmind is dashed away! The students infiltrate the city with their energy almost immediately!

The students then begin their Saturday (a little hungover and tired maybe) with the opening ceremony. Dressed oh so sharply, the students network and attend workshops, and then comes ISLAND ROLL CALL!!!!!!!

Tired from a long day, the students retreat to their hotel to rest up for Saturday night’s FCSA Conference Jouvert. (See photos here).

Sunday they took it to the beach for a day of wotlessness in the sun! Jerk chicken on di grill, beautiful women in bathing suits while the DJ mash up di tunes!  Each school parades, exhibits its school pride and puts on a show!

FCSA Conference is a COMPLETE experience!

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