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About Island 360

This is the section where we tell you how cool we are, or where we tell an amazing story that some guy in a room somewhere came up with. Well, that’s not Island 360’s style. We can sit here and tell you that we knew exactly what Island 360 was going to be from its inception… but that would be a lie as well. Just as an innocent and sometimes naive freshman may change their major 2 or 3 times before finally graduating; we too have gone through our transitions.
Social Responsibility

Believe it or not, there is someone, somewhere in this world claiming and repping for their island and probably doesn’t even know that country’s area code or even the national fruit for that matter. It’s easy to get into the frivolous argument that “I’m more Caribbean than you are,” or “You’re not a real ________ because of ________.” The thought of this reality made us realize that this isn’t the time to poke fun at or ridicule those who rep hard for their islands’ (sometimes harder then the so called thoroughbreds), but to be their refuge for knowledge, information, and cultural awareness.

Our Purpose

Island 360’s sole reason for existence is to “Capture the Caribbean FULL Circle.” What does that mean exactly? It means we want to connect the dots for anyone wanting to get the most out of not only their Caribbean heritage, but all islands. Teaching the school girl in Georgetown, Guyana how descendants of the Caribbean live in Bluefields, Nicaragua. Introducing the DJ in Punta Gorda, Belize to the strong rhythmic sounds of Bouyon from Dominca. Teaching the American with no West Indian lineage how to properly roll, “tawa”, and clap roti. (ouch)

At the end of the day being Caribbean is just one big party 360 days of the year (with the other 5 days reserved for resting). While you’re here explore our website, engage in the Caribbean, and encourage West Indian awareness. Be a part of the 360 life.

ONE Love