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By Jeané Neal

Allyuh tiyad of Carnival talk yet? Don’t worry, today is the last hurrah so enjoy it!

Confession: I’ve been #hashtag stalking on Instagram (you do it too, doh lie) and it seems, the native Trini Bake and Shark is a favorite! I know it has saved me countless times after a fete or even on the road but we won’t get into that.

Now just to clarify: when you hear them say shark, it’s not Jaws or a hammerhead type of shark. It is a much smaller version that is prepared just as regular fish are. It is seasoned up with green seasoning, onions, black pepper and salt, can be breaded or just sautéed and quite frankly you can’t even tell it’s shark. My mouth is watering just thinking about it….

Bake, which is also known as fried dough, is the base of this meal. Inside is hollow, which makes it easy to stuff with delicious ingredients. Think of it as a pita. Lettuce, tomatoes, cole slaw, garlic sauce and Matouk’s Hot Chow (my favorite) are some of the many toppings you can choose from.

Tell us: How do you like your bake and shark?

Joie De Vivre <3

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