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Miami Carnival 2016, the most anticipated weekend in the Caribbean community of South Florida, is so close I can already smell the rum. I have been somewhat obedient with my carnival diet and so-so on de workout side.

Crunch time now starts so I hope most of you have your ducks in order. Boots? Check! (Well they’re on their way.) Fete Tickets? Check! Spray on abs? Triple check! While everyone is gearing up for all the last minute carnival preparations, whether it’s finding a crisp flag to wave, working off those amazing waffle fries from Chic-Fil-A (ahem), or long hours in mas camps, some of the biggest podcast, mixes, and live streaming radio shows will be uploaded.

A few weeks or even days before Carnival is like Christmas for us. In the night we sleep and then in the morning alas, Soca Santa has delivered a new mix so that we can have solo cubicle fete at work. New songs are being released from our favourite artistes and already being incorporated into these long-awaited mixes. If yuh waistline is a little rusty here is a list of wukup worthy Miami Carnival mixes:

DJ Crown Prince: Supa Soca Series

This is the first Miami Carnival podcast mix that I listened to, Circa 2007, but it officially got its moniker in 2010 and I played it dead! It usually starts with an original chorus intro sung by the Vagabond himself, Ricardo Drue, and comically hosted by his long time friend Barrie Hype. He recently enlisted Toronto Heavyweights Jester and Dr Jay to join the team to give us some northern exposure. Though he took his talents to reign in Dubai, his Caribbean open-format doesn’t disappoint. Supa Soca tends to drop at the beginning of the carnival week and it’s perfect timing for those nonstop airport runs.

DJ Private Ryan: Bienvenido A Miami

Private Ryan is one of the most popular selectors on the market and once you listen to a podcast or attend a Soca Brainwash, you’ll understand why—that is: only if you can survive the SBW Hunger Games: Fete Tickets. You’ll need to register to his website www.djprivateryanmusic.com to download any mix, but don’t fret, it is free of charge!

DJ Ryan Sayeed: CIA Series

“I am just a guy who plays music”…or so he thinks. He is making a dent at everyone’s fetes and killing his set. There isn’t a carnival he has missed whether it is international or nationwide. The CIA series, hosted by Miami native and Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire, started with Miami Carnival in 2015 and followed with Trinidad 2016. Anxiously waiting for a Miami Carnival 2016!


This up-and-coming Jamerican selector, Blink, is not only one of the Island360 founders but Mr. No Long Talking. His work speaks for itself and you can find him mixing it up live at Tailored Fitness boot camps, on the road with Generation X, and even at fetes abroad or local, like Sun and Soca and Viva La Carnival.

DJ LL Cool Blaze

As a man who wears many hats and is multitalented, his latest venture is pursuing his love of music through DJing. You can always find him making sure the mood is just right and hyping up the crowd. His latest is a Miami Carnival promo  mix for Viva La Carnival and that Afrobeats break almost had me lose my life via elliptal. Blaze, yuh have insurance?!

Close Connections: I Am Soca Miami 2016

A few of their mixes were recommended to me in the past few months and in following them on SoundCloud, this Afrobeats soca mix popped on my timeline. I love the versatility of this mix because let’s be real for a second; all the selectors listed do a great job but sometimes they all can become predictable from the transitions to the song sequences. I’m also a huge fan of Azonto and Afrobeats and there are a lot of songs on here that I had never heard.

Although there seems to be a slight lack of excitement for this years carnival season, myself included, I know just these alone will be the perfect remedy to bring us out this funk. Life is short and de bacchanal too sweet so let’s all have a safe ending to this carnival season. I’ll be the girl climbing de fence…..no judgments.

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