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By Jeané Neal

Calling all masqueraders!! We finally have a place to whine and get on bad! The Miami Broward One Carnival Committee has come together and made a decision for a new venue and official date.

Carnival will remain on Columbus weekend, Oct. 12, 2014 and the Miami Dade Expo Fairgrounds will play host to our Caribbean festivities.

How exciting! Think about it: It is not hard to find and the road won’t get cut short so there will be plenty time for all of the bacchanal. We also won’t have worry about holding up any traffic and vice versa. Sounds like a fair deal right? It is in the heart of a big Latin community as well so that means more flavor, more fun, more culture. The more the merrier, right?

At least, the committee understands what carnival on Columbus weekend means to all of us and they took the necessary action to fix it. Now, let’s get these band launchings started! I’m ready to see beads, sexy bodies and feathers feathers feathers!

Mas is Love!


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