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By Jeanè Neal

Take me to Antigua! Here are the 5 top reasons why:


Yes, you’re reading correctly. There are 365 beaches, one for every day of the year. Instead of using your sick days to play hooky, you may need to save your time to see all the amazing variety of beaches. It would take me all day to tell about them all, but I can help you get started. Darkwood and Driftwood beach tend to be overcrowded due to it being a tourist zone so if you don’t like the crowd, I would try to avoid. Dickenson Bay, which is to the north, has more secluded beaches and an area that is great for snorkeling called Paradise Reef. Turner’s Beach is not as crowded as some of the others, which makes more time to relax on this fine white sandy beach, and if the day is clear, the Montserrat Island volcano is visible.



For the lover of marine life, I would suggest Stingray City, where you get to feed and interact with these mysterious creatures. All it takes is a quick speedboat ride to the offshore islands and you’re there. These gentle (or so dem seh) Southern Stingrays are known to be the brightest rays of the Caribbean.


This is one of the most authentic and unique sites you can see in Antigua. Due to rough currents and erosion over the centuries, this bridge was formed naturally. Tradition says the nickname was given due to unfortunate suicides by slaves and the treacherous surroundings that only the devil would live in. Although there is no real evidence to support the myth, it is not recommended you walk the bridge due to slippery and jagged rocks and the crashing waves. However it can still be appreciated from far.



Barbuda is an island located 26 miles north of Antigua and is often mistaken for Bermuda or Barbados. While the pace is much slower and the community is smaller, there is a better opportunity to enjoy nature more, especially with their pink sand beaches. Bird watching is a favorite “To-Do” as there are many different specifies that call Barbuda home. Though most of the island remains untouched, the locals are very friendly and welcoming. Sounds like the ideal R&R!



Try some fresh snapper or lobster that comes straight from the sea to your plate. If seafood is not your thing go for the Fungee (fuhn-jee), which is a boiled cornmeal dish or Pepper Pot. Peppa pot is a stew with a whole bunch of mix up in it; spinach, beef, callaloo leaves, okra and squash just to name a few.

If you are looking for something to wash all that good food down or want to bring a souvenir home, the answer is rum! English Harbor or Cavalier Rum, which are both manufactured and bottled to perfection in an Antiguan Distillery.

I’ll be there someday soon, I’m envisioning it and claiming it! I’m not too sure about the stingray excursion but count me in for some adventure time and island hopping between the two anytime!

Joie De Vivre <3


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