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By Jeané Neal

White beaches, turquoise waters, French dialect on one side of the island, Dutch on the other and a Caribbean fusion mixed all in between means only one thing: Saint Martin/Sint Maarten.

I’ve been looking for places to put on my bucket list for 2014 and I think this is definitely a must see island! I’ve heard nothing but good things about the food, the people, the duty free shopping (count me in!) and my favorite, art.

Art is like air, food and water to me. It is a necessity! It is healing, it feeds the soul and expresses emotion. There are a handful of museums and galleries you can visit by cruise or even on your own. With a beautiful landscape like St. Martin, I can only imagine the inspiration that sparks for an artist! Who can blame them?

Sir Roland Richardson is a native of the island and is a pioneer for Caribbean art. His artwork, which include oil on canvas and charcoal and watercolor, can be admired at a restored 19th century Creole townhouse in Marigot, Saint Martin. These timeless pieces focus on not only the ocean, the botanicals and the culture but also the community. He works on location where you can speak with him, take a tour, learn about the art and also the island from an artistic perspective.

Take my advice; save your pennies, shilling, stacks, racks, Benjamin’s or what have you and take the time to enjoy life. We work so hard and stress so much that we tend to miss all the fun and what good is that? In the future, I see myself in St. Martin with a nice cold glass of a rum cocktail, umbrella included, some music and amazing art.

Love and Light.

Joie De Vivre <3

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