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By Jeané Neal

Ah feelin’ like a real “Rolly Polly” from eating all this bun an’ cheese. I hope you all have had your share! One day, I plan to learn how to make it but until then I’ll just keep stuffing my face. Besides this delicious treat, I’d like to share some other Easter traditions.

Fortune Telling Easter Egg

You definitely won’t need a crystal ball or Miss Cleo for this! Unlike the American tradition of the Easter egg hunt, these eggs aren’t plastic and filled with candy. If you put the egg white and water in a container on Holy Thursday, they say it will form into a solid and tell you your future on Good Friday. For example, if it forms into a ship, that means you will travel. You know how Caribbean superstitions go…

Good Friday Fish

….And I’m not talking about fish with rice and beans either. The beach seems like a great place to hang out on a Good Friday, right? Wrong. Tradition holds, you will turn into a fish if you go into the water after noon on Good Friday. You know, I always thought my Mom was just trying to make me go to Stations Of The Cross. Things that make you go hmmm.

The Bleeding Tree

In Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean, it is said that if you cut a physic nut tree on Good Friday a reddish fluid comes out. It symbolizes the suffering of Christ and some say it is the same tree used in the crucifixion.


Another Good Friday tradition is the beating of the Bobolee. In Trinidad, these are dummies that are hung throughout the country to portray Judas, a disciple. People usually beat, kick, or punch as this punishment is symbolism of his betrayal.

Cross Country Cycling Race


In Belize, the annual Holy Saturday cycling race takes place. It is the biggest cycling race as it is approximately 140 miles. Participants start at the Western Highway in Belize City, cycle to San Ignacio, Cayo District, and back. Belizeans love a great race but if they can’t be there to watch, it is available online or even on the radio. Cyclers have included amateurs from Belize, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamaica, United Kingdom and the United States to name a few.

Whether you’re Roman Catholic, Anglican, Non-Denomination, or even Baptist, Holy Week or Semana Santa is somber but full of so many bright traditions. It reminds people of their upbringing in the Caribbean and the true meaning of the Easter spirit.

Be Safe and Happy Easter from the Island 360 Family.

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