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In a way, there were two endings to the final runway night of Caribbean Fashionweek 2013 at the National Indoor Sports Centre,St Andrew, JA on Sunday night. For while, taken as whole, it was the third of three consecutive nights of fashion and music on the catwalk, the entertainment package which followed the last collection, by Ashley Martin, was strong enough to be considered in its own right.

Both endings were strong, spontaneous applause punctuating Martin’s showcase, in which the shimmer of two or three pieces in particular figuratively dazzled the audience. Then there was the class of the flared hem of one outfit, which delighted the appreciative onlookers in a different way.

On the song and dance side of things, Sizzla capped off the night with a strong showing largely centred, as has been his accustomed format since catching yet another musical wind last year, with material released between 1997 (Black Woman and Child and Praise Ye Jah) and 2003 (Da Real Thing).

Rasping delivery

However, in-between the already popular material, the well-known introductory phrases of songs such as Words of DivineSolid as a Rock and Rise to the Occasion enough to send hands in the air even before Sizzla’s often rasping delivery, it was the material made for the occasion which put the night over the top.

In these lyrics, Sizzla made his stance against homosexuality unmistakably clear, without going into expletives or threats of physical violence, as well as his deep physical appreciation of women. Each customised lyric, often stopped and repeated as the audience lauded the performer in the time-honoured Jamaican way – by interrupting him – was greeted with glee by what appeared to be the majority of the audience.

The official designer line-up for the night’s fashion was Ashley Martin, Biggy, Gavin Douglas, Delia Alleyne, Saleem Samuels and Tigerlily. And Ninja Man, who went retro and declared himself a changed man – again (“a no me one tun back”, he said to laughter) brought on Specialist for their mock clash song Dweet around the three-sided catwalk, followed by the drumming and vocal gusto of Shelia E, rounding out the musical package.

Shelia E involved the audience, getting one man to drop some slick moves and a young lady to tap the drums (she got a pair of drumsticks for her efforts), Glamorous Life peaking the white-clad performer’s short set.

There were honours for some who were not booked as a major part of the night’s proceedings. There was a two-time winner as an emerging designer and three models – Nell Robinson, Orane Barrett and Jeneil Williams – were inducted into the Pulse Hall of Fame.

– Mel Cooke

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