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Caribbean ladies have drama too! We’ve just received a exclusive news report from one of our reality show ladies (name shall remains private) that a young female producer by the name of Maxine Tulloch has launched a brand new reality show called “Caribbean Housewives of South Florida.” The show is in pilot stages and will premiere in Manhattan on November 15. The reality show promises a positive portrayal of Caribbean culture, according to the source.

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Debuting with a red carpet event at Hunter College’s Kaye Playhouse from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., “CWSF” is looking to capitalize on the popularity — and drama — of such shows as “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Basketball Wives,” with the added twist of addressing “cultural challenges” in the United States.

Originally from Jamaica, Maxine Tulloch took out a $50,000 mortgage on her family’s home to produce the show!

Miami Herald also covered the story:

“I was perturbed by The Real Housewives of Miami,” Tulloch says. “South Florida is not just Hispanics. When you look at the demographics on people from the Caribbean, there are just as many of us.”
Tulloch put out various casting calls, including two that aired on the Hot 105’s popular Tom Joyner Morning Show. She was swamped with hopefuls, and wound up with a diverse group of Caribbean women.
Caribbean Housewives of South Florida Casts

Kendra Parker is a Jamaica-born photographer and mom to a 12-year-old aspiring track star. Terryann Ramirez, also from Jamaica, is a mother of two and a radiation therapist who treats cancer patients. Selines Silverio from the Dominican Republic is a financial analyst and personal trainer. Jamaican Cindia Azize is a former model and beauty queen. Brigette Cadet-Young, originally from Haiti, is a Miami police detective. Carmel Moise, also from Haiti, is a publisher. And Dale DeFreitas, who comes from Grenada, is a nurse.
Parker, who was out shopping for a red carpet-worthy dress on Wednesday, knew of Tulloch from her talk show. When she heard about the Caribbean Wives pilot, she thought, “It’s about damn time.”

CWSF has not been picked up by any network yet!

Watch “Caribbean Housewives of South Florida” trailer below:

Caribbean Wives of South Florida.m4v – YouTube
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