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It seems as though the dust has settled and Miami Carnival 2015 is now the Ghost of Carnival Past. 360’s Carnival Run Thru dropped and every time ah have a tabanca, I replay it! The pump was non-stop since Wednesday, mind you I was working up until Thursday. At one point, I lost track of which fete was next and went harder than ever this year. While I usually bounce back, it seems as though everybody catch flu and had me in a stage 5 man down situation.

Thank goodness I’ve fully recovered and as I sit at my desk on a Monday (bleh) I can’t help but think about these awesome fetes that brought so many awesome memories.

Adventure Island

Our first Miami Carnival fete was a great turnout. And to say it was a full house is an understatement. The All-Star DJ line up set di mood from early. It was dope to have Crown Prince and DJ Private Ryan bless the stage, but it was also an honor to have Island 360’s Boss men LL Cool Blaze and BlinkDaLink spin on the 1s and 2s.

Artists such as King Bubba, Teddyson Johnson, and South Florida native, Ricardo Drue sang their latest soca chunes (yes, chunes) of 2015. The drinks were flowing, the hookah and henna were a big hit and of course what’s a fete without good eats? Thank you to all our patrons who came. Wait for what we have in store for 2016!


I went to the first Arrivals in 2014 and this year it seems as though the amount of people doubled! The line was touching the sidewalk when I got there and the security of the hotel looked slightly overwhelmed.

I get it, we as Caribbean people can act a way when di line long and all we want to do is fete! But better to be safe than sorry because that one elevator could only hold so many people and if it bruk, who is going to pay fi it??

Nonetheless, the vibes were on a hundred and I loved the nautical theme (I even wore a sailor hat. Toot toot!). The bar service improved with the additional pop up bar and after that the rest is a blur so … next. (Ha!)

Candy Coated

In my opinion, this was the best overall event for Miami carnival.

The check-in was smooth and easy as you were greeted by the ship crew and Candace of Candy Coated as soon as you boarded. We then were directed to where we were served different Caribbean staples such as jerk chicken and chicken roti to name a few.

The only hindrance was the long drink lines in the beginning. The crew was assisting in boarding so that left only one bartender at each bar. Once we set sail, the lines were non-existent. Liquor poured and all behavior went out the window. As a first timer, I expected the vibes to be stush but it was the complete opposite. We interacted with strangers and we left with memories and new fete friends. (Fete Friends: People you only see at fetes but you’re totally alcohol-induced bff’s. See also “Friends and Dem”).

Soca Brainwash

This is definitely a fan favourite! I think Miami also set a Brainwash record in selling out tickets the fastest. Let me tell allyuh, I stalked Private Ryan’s page for weeks. I was beginning to wonder if the fete was still going through but you best believe I got my ticket within that first hour!

After J’ouvert is a difficult time because I’m usually stumbling into bed, after ah bathe of course, and taking a nap for nighttime festivities. But I took a 15 minute cat nap and was there early to grab some food (duh!). My first thought aside from the excitement was “Where does Private Ryan find these venues??” I live in Miami and did not know that place existed! The cabanas and the stage set up gave it a nice vibe.

My only disappointment was that it was not super all-inclusive like it was in Trinidad, but it didn’t take away from the hype and it surely didn’t stop the crowd from getting on. If I wasn’t so nice, I might’ve jumped on stage like the rest of the girls but ah wanted to save myself from the embarrassment. Sorry for allyuh who was stickin’ and missed out!

There is a trend here people and anyone who is in the Miami party industry should take note. Trinidad-based fetes have been making moves to Miami little by little and they’re making a killing. It’s not to say that the other carnival events aren’t good, but you have to please your patrons. Do something different and make it exciting! Juss mi two cents: It’s great to see artists live but if there’s no vibes, then the outcome will suck.

Sad to say I will be missing out on T&T Carnival ’16 but somebody seh Bacchanal Jamaica??

Carpe Diem!

See what you missed!

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