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By Jeané Neal

How high is allyuh carnival fever?! The Trinidad band launching season for 2015 is almost over and all the mas bands are coming hard. Have you overcome the carnival hunger games and found a connection for your favourite band? These costumes are hot and most people will stop at nothing to be a part of some of the biggest bands.

Carnival costumes aren’t the only thing people are scrambling for these days, Carnival Monday wear is the new black. It is no longer a mission trying to find the cutest wire bra or monokini. Now they even have band launchings and fashion shows.

Today IslandMe Magazine is hosting a fashion show called Monday Rocks The Runway. Local designers will have their Monday outfits on the sexiest models so make sure you have those deposits ready! I can only imagine how fast these will go. I know I will definitely be on the look out for that triangle and bedazzled ensemble!

Carpe Diem


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