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By Jeané Neal
::singing loudly:: Di Limin..Doh Tell Mi Dat Done! Di Jammin..Doh Tell Mi Dat Done…
Wasn’t it just last week when revelers were coming from all over to fete and play mas? While Miami Carnival’s 30th anniversary was a success, there were plenty vibes and events leading up to it that made a lasting impression.
Arrivals, a party hosted by Trini Jungle Juice, was a great kick off for the weekend. It was an exclusive-request-a-ticket kinda ting but the welcoming Cafe Patron shots had me at hello! The staff and photographers were dressed like stewardess’ and pilots. which was a unique touch and a way to stick with the theme. I’ll definitely be looking forward to attending next year, rain or thunder it nah go miss meh!


Tribe Ignite, the famous party originally from Trinidad, was the “it” event that everyone wanted to attend. Selectors such as Barry Hype,  Nuphoric, and Private Ryan held down the vibes. I think those complimentary Punchy Punch shots had everyone “feelin’ nice.”
Originally, Big Phat Fish was supposed to be a cooler fete but issues beyond the promoters’ control diverted the event to an all-inclusive inside fete. I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to do anything on a Friday night because of J’ouvert the next morning but the energy was so hype I didn’t want to go home! Kes and Kerwin are some of the hottest artistes right now and I was so happy I got to party and see them. Definitely a great teaser for Trinidad 2K15.


Now, this may be controversial but it is solely my opinion. J’ouvert has won over my heart as the best event for Miami Carnival. I think I actually look forward to getting “dutty” more than getting beautified and bejeweled on Sunday. It’s such a freeing experience! No one cares about how they look and no one gets upset and in your face for getting messy. It’s something different that most aren’t accustomed to so it’s even more fun to have at it!

Carnival Sunday Parade was held at the Miami Dade Fairgrounds in Kendall and although it was a little bit of a tight fit, I had a great time. “PLUMAS”, beads, glitter, rhinestones and hot bodies took over the atmosphere. The clouds held up all day and it was only a refreshing drizzle that came down after the sun set.
As I crossed over the stage a wave of sadness came over me and I couldn’t fight it. I wish the energy of carnival existed all the time. This is the time of year where culture and diversity doesn’t matter. People do not judge or entertain bad mind. It is a time to let stress go and turn the negative energy into positive. Good news for me is that Trinidad 2K15 will be here soon! Until then, I’ll need PLUMAS ( the Island 360 Post-Carnival movie), a bottle of rum, and a new costume to cure this tabanca.
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