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By Jeané Neal

Missing Carnival in TNT this year really made my Tabanca almost impossible to get over. I felt like everyone an dey mudda went to TNT while I was at work looking at Instagram videos of Soca Brainwash, Scorch, Tribe Ignite and all the other all-inclusive fetes. I didn’t want to hear any soca mix until I heard of a new concept called “FAME Weekend”. I swear the carnival gods heard my cry as I would have the opportunity to party it up with Jillionaire and Friends and Mr. HD aka Machel Montano.

FAME weekend just so happened to be the same weekend as Miami EDM festival, Ultra. The lineup would include Scorch, Chicken ‘N Beer Pool Party with Jillionaire and Friends and the relaunching of my long time favorite soca fete Big Phat Fish with DJ Private Ryan, Hypa Hoppa, other guest DJ’s and Machel as the grand finale.

I regret skipping out on Scorch because I heard it was mad but ah gettin old and sleep wouldn’t let me be great. The Chicken ‘N Beer Pool Party was set up on the rooftop at the Chic Boutique hotel Dream. The early vibes were nice as a handful of DJ’s set the pace. Although it was overcast, that didn’t stop the over flow of free shots (whatever rum mixture that was). Diplo brought out the twerk in all the girls as he worked his magic as usual. Jillionaire, who is very down to earth, finished the set with soca. It was a mixed crowd but the beauty in this is everyone was singing the sounds of sweet soca.

I love that Major Lazer is active in the Caribbean community. Two of my favorite types of music mixed together is heaven to my ears.

Ever since my early high school days, I remember hearing about a party in Miami called Big Phat Fish. It has been on a hiatus but it never flopped and always had vibes. I’m so happy it’s back because it’s necessary! The soca scene needs a facelift so this is refreshing. Solare Gardens was ram and the energy was said to be reminiscent of a true Trini carnival fete. Vendors lined up the entrance with finger-licking jerk, corn soup and even bake and shark which I can’t recall ever seeing at any Miami fetes.

However, once Machel took the stage I quickly forgot about the food. I had a time; from the powder they threw into the crowd to the young lady who serenaded the crowd with her “unique” voice. Did I mention they had a phone charging station? This is the party I’ve been waiting for! No pun intended but this was “Epic.” I didn’t want to go home as opposed to the fete where I’m taking selfies all night. Soca is taking a turn to be bigger and better and so should the fetes … I’m just saying!

We want MOR! We Want MOR! We Want MOR! We have some awesome coverage of Fame Weekend so be sure to check it out! But until the next..I’m stuck with this “Haunted Feeling”….

Joie De Vivre <3

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