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PARAMARIBO, Suriname, Tuesday August 13, 2013 – Five people were killed and another critically injured following a vehicular accident on Saturday.

Police said that four vehicles, including a bus, were involved in the accident and that the driver of one of the cars had been driving too fast, losing control of the vehicle and causing the tragic accident.

Police spokeswoman Drophatie Ramkhelawan told reporters that the driver, whose name was not disclosed, crashed over the separation of the two-lane road, flipped several times and was subsequently rammed by the bus and another vehicle which were approaching from the opposite direction.

The driver and his three passengers, including two women died on the spot. Another victim from the other car died while receiving emergency medical treatment at hospital.

Their names have not been released.

One eyewitness told reporters that several people were thrown out of the vehicles on impact while others were pinned in the wreckage.

The incident has brought the number of road fatalities so for this year to 45.

Via: C360

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