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If you haven’t downloaded Fiwimoji yet, what are you waiting for? I am an emoji-aholic and I love making stories and being creative through texts. Sometimes texting can be a little dry but I already have a few that I’m obsessing over.

There are five free sheets of emoji’s ; four of them featuring the islands of Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You can upgrade for only .99 cents and get the Jamaica-mojipack which has common phrases, patty and coco bread (obvi my fave) and other funny icons that most of us know from everyday culture and happenings.


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If Blac Chyna can have an emoji app with her with harr baby bump compliments of Rob Kardashian, Jr., then we sure need to put Fiwimoji on the map! I am sure with time, tweaking, and support from everyone, all countries of the Caribbean will be a part of it and the emoji world won’t be the same.

Although you may not necessarily think about it, it’s a way for others to learn our culture. On the Western side of the world, the majority of us didn’t know what half of the random emojis were and that they are actually a part of Japanese culture–for example the kodamatsu, which is that strange green emoji in the nature tab. For the longest, I thought it was ‘shrooms or something trippy like that.


What if they had a doubles emoji? Rum Punch!? Masquerader costume!?! Dominos!?!? Laaawd. If they can finally have the taco emoji, sisters and bredrens, then the possibilities are endless. I have faith!

To download you can hit up the App Store or www.fiwimoji.com.

One Love.

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