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By Jeané Neal

“Gyal…Lemme See Yuh Batty Ridah’…Murda!”

This song goes way back but as a youngin’ I had no idea what Buju Banton, a Jamaican reggae artiste, was singing about until I was a teen. As most of you know, Caribbean artiste’s have a clever way of putting words together but for me it’s the riddim that gets me going.

“Batty Rider” is still a big dancehall song as much as it was in the 90s and it wouldn’t be a fete without some classic Buju. Don’t you miss the days of good music like this? Everyone had pure vibes and it wasn’t dagga dagga all the time.

Le sigh, nostalgia.

Big up to all my girls who love a good pair of batty riders (with a touch of class of course). I can’t wait for this cooler fete called Fiji this Sunday! Maybe I’ll show out and throw some on. In the meantime enjoy this chune and buss a slow whine!

Btw….Free Buju!

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