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By Justin Elliott

GyalAvantz is taking over Miami this coming 2014 Columbus Day Weekend. Since Miami Broward One Carnival launched the first official Jouvert in 2012, it has caught fire and has everyone counting down. Some look forward to it more than the actual parade. The first year there were maybe five bands top, but now there are so many to choose from.

We all know the run down of what Jouvert is but here is why you should play with the RedAntz GyalAvantz section:

1) All Inclusive

There is no saving the best for last here! We all like to get our money’s worth and this a guaranteed all-inclusive band. Which means you’ll have all day access to a premium selection of top shelf liquor so you won’t have to worry about hangovers. You’ll get breakfast too, which may just save yuh life.

2) Early Bird Prices

You currently have the option to get the package at a cheaper price! It is now $57 for all the alcohol, paint, gyal on a man or man on a gyal action you want. It’s simple, you know you want to play Jouvert, so why wait? Don’t be about that procrastination life and lock in your spot. No excuses!

3) Extras

Not only are food and drinks included, but you also get a keepsake mug, a whistle to release di riddim, and of course a shirt that is yours to keep. Paint will be in abundance so don’t worry, we won’t short change yuh!

4) Vibes

You know we does like to talk talk talk and we love to have a good time! We love to make people laugh and we have de bess vibes! When you see di Island 360 flag just know that is we! Jouvert is not for di stush, so if allyuh want to be pretty and clean, please whine to di side.

5) Island 360 Movement

Come with your crew or if you want to meet new people from all over, you’re in the right place! We rep the Caribbean full circle and we want you to be apart of this experience. Big tings ah gwan so don’t get left behind!

I hope this has helped to bring a better understanding! If you have any questions please visit

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