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On my recent journey to finding a natural way to lower my blood pressure, a great friend of mine, reintroduced the idea of juicing grapefruit on a daily basis. Yeah I know, little ol’ me standing at 5’3 (and a half) and 122 lbs with high blood pressure? Seems almost impossible, right? Besides being inclined from normal day-to-day stress, unfortunately on days when I’m not totally gluttonous, it is also hereditary for me on BOTH sides of the family. But instead of throwing a pity party for myself, I decided to be proactive! I’ve done research and thought this information would be worth sharing with someone who needs motivation to get healthy and stay healthy, aka get it right, get it tight!

Did you know….

The forbidden fruit originated from Barbados and it was an accidental sweet orange and pomelo hybrid.
Jamaicans gave it the moniker grapefruit because the fruits grow in clusters like grape.
Half of a grapefruit contains the total amount of Vitamin C that your body needs in one day!
It is also high in Vitamin A, which is great for the skin as it helps you with maintaining moisture levels and protecting from dryness, psoriasis, acne, and wrinkles.
Grapefruit can be found year-round, but peak time is from November to June and that is when they are the sweetest and juiciest.
The bioflavonoids present in grapefruit and other citrus fruits not only help to lower blood pressure but also cholesterol levels. And, for all those afraid of the “acid”, note that they, like other citrus fruits, are actually alkalizing as our bodies do not have to produce acid in order to break it down.
Still, despite all the great benefits listed above, grapefruits and certain medications DO NOT mix well and can have severe reactions. If you are on medications, check with your pharmacy, doctors, and read labels before beginning your grapefruit regimen.
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