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Good morning, errr, I mean good day 360 fam. Adventure Island was nothing short or a movie and we want to thank everyone who came out and supported us! Thank God the weather was great and held up. Now that I am well rested and suffering from cabin fever already, thanks Matthew, I am giving you a quickie recap! 


Island 360’s own LL Cool Blaze always brings the early vibes while everyone is getting their first and second drink rounds in. Barrie Hype, TJ the DJ, Dr. Esan, and Eccentrix were soon to follow and somewhere in between there, my alter ego showed up as you probably saw on our snapchat. The house was full and sometimes it was hard to move around but the vibes were on another level. 


In the VIP, the Caribbean A-list was in full attendance and everyone was in good spirits. I have never been to an event where the artistes were so accessible and also very friendly. King Bubba, Ricardo Drue, Cassi, and Lyrikal were just a few to name. 



AI soon went from 0 to 100 with Ricardo Drue and friends. The amount of people who blessed the stage still has me hype. Not only did The Vagabond, King Bubba, and Lyrikal perform but Voice killed Cheers to Life, Cassi brought us back with Town Ting, Ricky T came out and raised di Pressure Bad Bad Bad and made di Freaky Girls bring di bumper (Sa Kap Fete!), which by the way, is my favorite carnival song this year! Now, even though I didn’t attend Cropover 2016 in Barbados, Marz Ville took me by surprise and I lost it when Bam Bim came on, sorry mom! Julien Believe, a Bahamian native and Sedale, all the way from St. Lucia touched the mic bringing some new vibes for the Miami scene. 



Ah sorry fi allyuh who missed out. This is only the second year for this fete and it is only up from here, so you definitely have time to experience how Island 360 does it. We pray we will have a safe and enjoyable remainder of the Carnival weekend. J’ouvert and Carnival Sunday is gonna be something serious so watch the ting!

Official Adventure Island pictures are live on our Facebook and keep up with us on Snapchat and Instagram. 

One Love.

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