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Photo taken by JC Laurent

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (sentinel.ht/CNN) – A CNN iReporter took a picture of a Haitian man tied to a tree, bloodied and beaten in the Dominican Republic. After an Out Cry of injustice, the Dominican Police claimed, quote: “He tried to rob somebody.”

In the past few days, Haitians are being slaughtered and humiliated in the Dominican Republic almost on an everyday basis. 95 % of the poor Haitians working in the Dominican Republic are being robbed of their personal belongings and hard earned sweat money continuously.

The highly rate of Haitians being killed or massacred while working in the Dominican Republic is as high as 90 %. The Dominican Government has never done or said anything to stop this genocide. Many times, they made the Haitians work and Robbed them after work; this is usually done by the Dominican Police. People Need To know !


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