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By Jeané Neal

Mommy! Ah feel like ah catch feva!
Mom Replies: Drink Some Tea.
Mommy! Mi Head Hot Mi…
Mom Replies: Drink Some Tea.
Mommy! Ah Bruk Mi Toe!
Mom Replies: Drink Some Tea.

Ok ok I over did it but doesn’t this sound familiar? Typical in a Caribbean household, right? Well, I’ve been dodging the flu or as I like to say “the plague” like the matrix all season long and it finally got me!

It was a Man Down situation and I took every medication, yet nothing was working.

Anything with ginger was beyond disgusting to me as a child. Just the smell made me want to gag. However, now that I’m older and I know what’s good for me it’s actually one of my favorite natural remedies. It might be a little spicy but if we can knock up some jerk or curry with scotch bonnet this is nothing we can’t handle.

Some may boil the root and let it steep or they even have the bagged ginger tea, like Lipton. You can even juice it and take it as a shot, which I did last week and lawd my whole body was on fire! **Not For The Faint Of Heart**

I couldn’t take the body ache and the fever so I did the extreme. It worked almost immediately and it helped my symptoms from getting worse.

Ginger is known to relieve congestion, aid digestion, improve circulation and stimulate your metabolism. It also contains Vitamin C, E and B6. If it’s too much to handle by itself, try it in some carrot juice or ginger tea with honey.

Now, I’m not Dr. Oz but our families have been doing this for years, so they must be doing something right. They didn’t know about over-the-counter drugs and flu shots etc. All of these new age medications are just a quick fix and ultimately weaken your immune system. But anyway, that’s too deep and unnu no ready! Until next time.

Love and Light <3

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