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Oh St. Thomas, how I miss thee! The sun kissing my face, the endless smiles and laughs, and my cup, which runneth over everyday full of Cruzan rum. Isn’t it ironic, that you always need a vacation when you come back from vacation? It’s never enough but I was grateful for the opportunity.


As soon as the plane landed and we walked from the runway to the airport, we were greeted by steel pan entertainment and Cruzan shots, neat and of every flavour. Leave it to me and Dad to be craven, I had three and he had four shamelessly. Our hosts were friendly, retrieved our baggage and we set off to explore the island.

On the trek to Frenchman’s Reef and Morning Star Resort, I couldn’t decide which side to gawk at and admire. The mountainous views to the left were breathtaking yet to my right was the sparkling-rolling-I wanna be a mermaid turquoise water; I was in paradise! As we arrived, the line to check in was long due to a special event but there was some rum punch to remind me, “Hey you’re on vacation… R E L A X.”

Adventure Time:

Whenever I go somewhere new, I like to do something totally out of my comfort zone and this time zip lining was it. I wasn’t so scared until the truck took us up waaaayyy into the mountains and we had to walk up a hill to get to our destinations. I wasn’t convinced that the single cable could hold me, or anyone else for that matter, so I was the last to go on most of the canopies lol. The first jump was definitely the worst but it was such an awesome experience. It poured hard and while being in the hard-cold-sideways-front ways- rain was uncomfortable, I made sure I didn’t let it ruin my day. Besides, it was a too bad too sad situation. The only way to get down…was to zip.

Anyway, how could I be vex? Prior to the pelting rain, the views of Magen’s Bay were awesome. I saw birds and even huge iguanas camouflaging in the trees. Probably looking for food, but small ting.IMG_8071

Beach Bummin’ It:

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to actually visit Magen’s Bay due to the rain on that Monday and then Tuesday and Wednesday there were cruise ships by the masses and prices went up on EVERYTING! My views from the zip lining were enough for me to crave more and I would love to return soon ::cough cough:: beg ah sponsor.

I enjoyed the private beach at the Marriot, for the free.99. The water was perfectly warm but the sand was hot tuh ra……it was hot. It burned. I died. Not really but almost. But I took the beating because I longed for an afternoon of dolce far niente aka “not a ting” on the beach.

Wrap It Up:

St. Thomas is a beautiful island with gorgeous views and friendly people. They’re very welcoming and love to make you laugh and smile. My four days weren’t enough but they left a lasting impression. I hope some of you had the opportunity to see the island from my POV on snapchat. If you didn’t, next time for sure! Where to next? Follow us on social media and you’ll see! One Love.

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