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Barrington Levy is not an happy man right now and he blames the current generation of dancehall artists.

Barrington Levy sat down with Anthony Miller of Entertainment Report where he discussed his career and his opinion on the current generation of dancehall acts.
“Who want to be upset be upset because I am upset,” an angry Barrington Levy said. “The dancehall thing that they took up on themselves and highlighting it is not going anywhere. It is disposable… Bob leave and all of those guys who originate reggae music, leave a legacy for me and the next generation and they are straying away from it.”

Barrington Levy says the current generation of dancehall musicians are computer artists.

“I came in the business when real singers and real musicians was playing live music, so I just have to thank god I came in at that time,” Barrington Levy said. “These days its all about a man get a computer and sit down and jook and suddenly everybody becomes an entertainer.”

Via: Tuff Chin

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