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Rihanna is the Caribbean’s favorite rude gyal! The Barbados-born superstar never fails to include the sexy sounds of the islands in her songs, dance, and even style. “Work”, which is off her latest album ANTI,  has that throwback dancehall riddim that makes you want to have a party-for-one anytime you hear it. Some seem to call it Tropical House *rolls eyes*, but “we” in the Caribbean know it is much more than that. For me, I find myself whining up at my desk hoping my boss doesn’t disturb the bashment going on in my head.

The video debuted all over the net on Monday, Feb. 23, 2016, and if you’re a social media junkie it was definitely blowing up on your timeline. Although some of us still don’t know the full lyrics, you can’t deny the awesomeness of this hit record. Besides, if you aren’t mesmerized by her waist and bamsee in the video something is wrong with you! She’s hot and you know it! (And please doh come for me with the Beyoncé comparison because they both slay in different ways. Full stop.)
IMG_7934I could feel the chemistry between her and Drake. I love them together, judge mi nah! It was natural and playful, with the aid of the choreography that was done by the legendary Teneshia Scott. She is worldly known for her dancehall flavor that she incorporates in any way possible. The energy of the dancers in the video reminds me of one of my favorite local bashments, Miami Vice Episode. It’s an outside vibe thrown in the heart of Wynwood and features selectahs like Eccentrix Sounds, Reid Waters, and sometimes special guests, like our own LL Cool Blaze and Walshy Fire.
Now, let’s move on to dis ya mesh marina dress. You know…the mesh tank top that your Uncle Sheldon woulda wear? It’s not an ordinary dress found in the islands; it was designed by Tommy Hilfiger and it debuted on the runway during New York Fashion Week 2015 for his Spring 2016 line. There are a few varieties of mesh marinas and even crochet bathing suits and beanies in his line. I love it but not for a Tommy Hilfiger price! I am currently waiting for somebody’s granny or auntie to bring me one from market inna town.
IMG_7937In closing, I love how she reps the islands and never forgets where she comes from. Unlike other artistes
*cough Nicki cough*, she plays mas almost every year for Crop Over, throws a black tie fundraising event benefiting The Clara Lionel Foundation, takes regular vacations back home…and I could go on and on. Admit it, it’s a catchy song and Caribbean Girls Run It! ask……
*sings and twerks*   He Said Mi Haffi, Work, work, work, work…Yuh Si Mi Do Mi…Dirt, Dirt, Dirt….

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