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The local party circuit has been buzzing since Major Lazer announced it was hosting another concert here in Jamaica (it’s second one this year). This time the “rave to end all raves” will have a bigger production and is slated to take place at the New Mas Camp in Kingston.

And if Diplo, Jillionaire and Island 360’s own Walshy Fire on one stage wasn’t enough, the Major Lazer camp announced that the prince of dubstep, Skrillex, will be joining the ranks.

Here is a recap of the night photos provided by @Shanemccauley look him up on IG

MajorLazerJamaica2013-1453 MajorLazerJamaica2013-1454 MajorLazerJamaica2013-1433 MajorLazerJamaica2013-1250 MajorLazerJamaica2013-1032 MajorLazerJamaica2013-1228 MajorLazerJamaica2013-1073 MajorLazerJamaica2013-0695 MajorLazerJamaica2013-0857 MajorLazerJamaica2013-1009

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