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Despite being let down by Slingerz Entertainment on Saturday night in Guyana, resulting in the cancellation of his performance, Mavado created history last night when he thrilled over 20,000 fans in the South American country’s National Stadium at a show that was organized and promoted by him and his team in just 24 hours.Promoters Slingerz Entertainment failed to pay the balance of performance fee to Mavado on Saturday night, causing the We The Best artist not to perform at the National Stadium.


“Slingerz breached their contract almost as quickly as they signed it,” Mavado’s management team stated. “There were problems from day one in getting the deposit. Instead of adhering to the contract Slingerz, paid the deposit in 4 installments and disappeared for over 2 weeks after signing the contract. I had to threaten to pull Mavado from the show to get the 50% deposit paid in full. We’ve worked with Slingerz before so we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and go ahead with the engagement.”

Further problems were encountered with travel arrangements, which despite a contractual obligation to send confirmed flight information well in advance, it was just Thursday night Mavado’s team received itineraries. Mavado and his travel party were informed they would have to fly from Montego Bay at midday the following day, which at such short notice did not happen. A lack of commercial flights to get Mavado and his group to Guyana in time for Saturday’s concert meant the only options were to reschedule or for the promoter to find a private charter.

Slingerz Entertainment took the option of a private charter and promised a private jet. Despite several unanswered messages and emails enquiring about the type of aircraft that was picking them up in Jamaica, it wasn’t until Mavado went to the airport at 6am on Saturday that he was met by the sight of a plane that looked like it just flown out of World War II. Not wanting to let his fans down in Guyana, a country where he has a huge fan base, Mavado decided to brave it and boarded the aircraft. With no toilet and no facilities, the 14-person team were cramped for space on a journey that ended up lasting an arduous 18 hours and two stops – one unscheduled.

Upon approach to Guyana they were told the promoters hadn’t even gained permission for the plane to land so it was diverted to Trinidad. After frantic phone calls, clearance to land was granted and Mavado arrive in Guyana after midnight, after leaving Jamaica at 6am that morning on a hellish plane journey.

Making matters worse, Slingerz then breached their contract once more and did not pay the balance of the performance fee as they were obligated to do and Mavado exercised his right not to perform.

Faced with the disappointment of thousands of fans, let down by Slingerz Entertainment, Mavado quickly came up with a plan. The following day he held a press conference in Guyana to explain what had taken place and announced, with just over 24 hours notice, that he would be performing at the National Stadium the following day (Monday night) at a concert arranged by him and his team. The entry fee was kept at the equivalent to $5 USD to make it accessible to everyone. This show would have nothing to do with Slingerz Entertainment so the team was confident there would be no hiccups.

Even with such short notice the show last night was incredibly well supported (photos attached) and has been heralded as historic, for an artist to pull off such a feat in 24 hours. A concert of this nature has never been pulled off in Guyana and shows the depth of love the country has for the Gully Gad. During his performance Mavado called out Gullyside artist Chase Cross, who was also met with a huge roar of approval from the crowd as he reeled off his catalogue.

“Guyana people always show me crazy love,” said Mavado. “I couldn’t leave there without performing for them and I just want to thank them for the support. Its like my second home. All’s well that ends well.”

Via: GullySide

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