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More hurdles are ahead for promoters and event’s organizers.

While they still battle with the night noise abatement act, promoters are now required to pay JACAP and JAMMS for a copyright license or a copyright permit.

Music News understands that for a hassle free event, it is imperative that the promoter secure all four permits which include the parish council, police, JACAP and JAMMS.

Evon Mullings, General Manager of The Jamaica Music Society (JAMMS) says they have collaborated with the police to ensure that promoters comply.
Meanwhile JACAP shares similar sentiments. Newton Nelson JACAP’s Licensing Officer explains that the monies collected will go to songwriters, producers and music composers both locally and internationally.
So what action will be taken against promoters who believe that the blessing from the parish council and the police is enough to suffice? According to JAMMS General Manager, Evon Mullings those promoters risk having the music turned off during their event.
JACAP reveals that the minimum cost for a free event is $6000 meanwhile JAMMS minimum is $2500 plus tax.

So with all these awkward payouts, how lucrative is it to stage an event. With what seems to be a tedious process will we see a decrease in entertainment activities or events?

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