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New Year's: A time to get everything out of your system. Start fresh, set new goals ... oh and if you're Haitian or have a best friend who is, chow down on some good 'ol Soup Joumou!! I don't know about you guys but the dumpling is my favorite part! Not only is it mouth watering but it's a big part of the Haitian culture. The soup represents the defiance of the French colonial regime. It is to celebrate independence and also good luck! Bon appetite and from Island 360, Happy New Year! 

In case you don't have access to some Soup Joumou, here is how to make it yourself: 


1 lb. cubed beef stew meat
1 lb. chicken
1 fresh squash
1 boniata
1 spinach
1 malanga
2 onions-sliced
3 large carrots
6 medium potatoes
¼ lb spaghetti noodles or noodles 3 tbsp seasoned salt
2 limes cut in half
2 tsp. thyme
2 tsp parsley
½ cup scallions
salt, black pepper, and hot pepper to taste

1. Clean the meat with a little vinegar  and lemon
2. Add salt, black pepper, onion power and garlic powder to flavor meat and set aside to marinate
3. Boil meat in stockpot with 3 quarts of water until tender 
4. Add additional water if necessary and remaining ingredients except noodles
5. Cook down for 20 minutes and add noodles

Joie De Vivre <3

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