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Radyo Pike is translated as Spicy Radio. A series of mixtapes that look to promote creole culture though music and the ever changing sounds and collaborations of Kompa, Zouk, and Kizomba. It was created and mixed in 2009 byRaymond Laventure (DJ Laventure X) on the campus of the University of Central Florida. The name also spread to neighboring creole clubs such as UF, USF, FIU, FSU, FAU, etc.


DJ Laventure X collaborated with fellow DJ Gerald St. Louis (DJ Kidd G) to create the mixtapes and funny Haitian skits to promote music and instead created a brand. With every mixtape, the variety of music stays true to both old and new music.


There are currently three editions to the Radyo Pike collection on DatPiff with the fourth being re-released for the holiday season. Radyo Pike 4 is entitled “Tou MeTouche” (Touch Me) and has the making of the best mix yet. The playlist was created with a mixture of intoxicating beats and English lyrics to also appeal to non-creole speakers. Artists include popular groups such as Carimi, T-Vice, Nu Look, and Klass; with a splash of rising stars such as T-MIcky, J-Ron, Oswald, Ali Angel, & more.


Enjoy this mix with your families for Christmas and the New Year.Radyo Pike 4

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