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By Jeané Neal

Whoever missed out on
106 & Park last night missed out on a staple in soca history — but thank goodness for DVRs right?! I can’t remember the last time I actually watched that show, and I know most of you will agree. But for Bunji and Fay Ann, anything goes!

The dynamic duo is extremely involved in social media, so no stone is ever left untouched. They answer back to your questions and comments and make it well known that they are on a mission. I could see the buzz building a few days prior, from RT’s on twitter and reposts on Instagram, so I knew it was real and about to go down.

Guests on the show included British actress and songstress, Rita Ora. She debuted her new music video “I Will Never Let You Down.” As much as I love her personality (and her accent, DUH!) all I could think about was this huge performance! Ah’ no tink unnu undastand. Do you all realize how big this is?! 106 & Park is one of the few music video countdowns on TV. There is no more Pop Up Video or TRL, let alone MTV playing videos period. Clearly, it’s all about who is 16 an’ having pickney or trying to Catfish somebody muddah.

Like they say “it’s levels to this” and people are finally opening their eyes!

Bunji performed Differentology, and the Caribbean massive in the building definitely represented. Trini, Guyanese, VI and Vincy flags lined up in the front. (I’m sure there were more flags but it was hard to make out on screen.) After their performance, it was a brief but well-spoken interview. They spoke about the summer line-up, so make sure allyuh get yuh tickets and rep!

Even if you’ve seen him a million times, every time he gets better! How can you not get hype when he performs?! I swear he cures my tabanca a dose at a time, lawd. Maybe that’s the soca junkie in me, Kanye shrug.

For our culture this is epic, as we are privileged to have grown up with soca music. We’ve seen it evolve, we know the value and what soca music has to offer. Doors are being kicked in, one at a time (no pun intended to di song PLEASE.)

Are you aware that soca music is an official genre on iTunes? It is not just thrown in and hidden as “Latin” or “Reggae” music. Big tings ah gwan!

We no get ’nuff credit but the Caribbean is on top! Our food is mouth-watering, land is untouchable, eye candy for days and our music unites! I say we are WINNING! I’m hella proud and it only gets bigger and better, mark my words.


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