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For years, I’ve been wanting to try Jerk Festival because I am a huge fan of anything spicy and let’s face it, I’m really just here for the food.

It was a nice family atmosphere with performances by Caribbean youths and also cooking demonstrations showing you how to get the best results with your Grace products. As for me, I went on the hunt for a good ol jerk platter. I settled for Boston Jerk and it was very well seasoned and not too spicy for those who can’t handle the heat. For those who can, there was plenty of pepper sauce to appease your taste buds.
Although I fully enjoyed my meal, I wish the concept of this festival was different. Perhaps, a tapas menu or free samples, so that the patrons can compare each vendor and what they have to offer. My meal was so filling that I couldn’t even bear the thought of having another platter. My belly woulda buss.
As the sun went down, Reggae and Reggae Christian artists performed on the main stage and everyone gathered around with their lawn chairs and rags ready to wave. It was a great atmosphere and I try to support all Caribbean events, not only carnival.
I hope in the future there will be more Caribbean food festivals down here. We have great recipes and tradition that have been passed down and South Florida is the perfect place to showcase it. There were so many cool fusions of food, like jerk popcorn and even jerk ice cream! Who would’ve known that you could actually jerk ice cream. I was so inspired when I left that I may create a jerk fusion of my own. Maybe one day you’ll see me with my own stall. Never say never!
Carpe Diem!
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