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By: Jeane Neal

If flight is your favourite “f” word, like mine, there is good news already for 2017! Do you have your traveling plans set already for the year? If you do, think about squeezing in a trip to Belize. Southwest has finally announced a non-stop daily flight from Fort Lauderdale to Belize with services to commence on June 4, 2017. Can we say “Hello! Summer Vacation!?” Flights, which are now only bookable at www.southwest.com, will connect in Fort Lauderdale to and from cities in the eastern portion of the United States such as Baltimore, New York, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa and Washington DC. In addition, Southwest has also added extra flights from Denver, Colorado to Belize starting March 2017. It was not too long ago, October 2015 to be exact, that Houston, Texas had their inaugural flight to Belize with Southwest Airlines. For years, travelers have had to take the “scenic route” by flying to Cancun, Mexico, hoping on a bus for roughly 6 hours to get to Belize due to outrageous prices from competing airlines. Needless to say, this is great news for frequent visitors with this less time consuming option as the flight is approximately 2 hours from FLL to BZE. Can you imagine? Two hours away from the best oceans, snorkeling, Mayan Ruins, jungles and BRUH… MEAT PIES!?!?!? Did I say that out loud?


For those of you who are not familiar with Belize, or think it’s Brazil (Belizean inside joke), it is also known as the Jewel of the Caribbean and is located in Central America, bordered by the Caribbean sea. Belize’s official language is English, has the second larger barrier reef in the world, is home to some of the greatest Mayan ruins such as Lamanai and Xunantunich (my favourite), great food, breathtaking cayes, mysterious caves, and I could go on. Can you tell I’m booking my ticket as we speak?

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