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Cocaine crash: A court in the Dominican Republic sentenced Alain Castany, a 70-year old French man to 20 years in prison. Castany, and three others, attempted to transport 700 kilos of cocaine in suitcases. Castany and the two pilots that acted with him attempted to escape on a jet from the airport in Punta Cana. Castany is now awaiting his sentence while recuperating from a motorcycle accident that occurred while he was out on bail.

Date rape in Guyana: Guyanese authorities are cracking down on the usage of date rape drugs. The sordid attack on a young woman found mutilated in Georgetown hotel has prompted officials to take a closer look. Incidents of date rape have increased in Guyana to the dismay of the director of public prosecutions, who wants more attention drawn to these incidents to make young people more informed and aware.

Treating Cancer in St. Kitts: The Joseph N. France General Hospital will be the site of the first ever oncology unit in St. Kitts and Nevis. Currently, patients diagnosed with cancer have to travel to neighboring islands like Antigua and Barbuda to receive treatment. This alternative will save patents and their families money in travel and hotel fees.

Turks election postponed: The Turks and Caicos general elections will be postponed from the December 5 to December 10. This will be done in order to provide officials with more time to prepare at the dissolution of the House last week that named no Nomination Day date. Although confusing for some, the decision’s legality is upheld by the constitution and will be amended when House activities resume after the election.

Securing security: According to the Barbados Prison Officers Association President, Trevor Browne, the conditions for, and treatment of, prison officers on the island may put prison security in jeopardy. Browne asserts that the administration has paid officers either late, or not at all. He goes on to imply that this underemployment may make officers susceptible to offers from the criminal element. Browne addressed a crowd that included the attorney general Adriel Brathwaite, who seemed flustered at the accusations.

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