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St. Croix farmers struggle: St. Croix farmers are competing with one another long before they reach the market. Recently, the incidents of theft and property damage are prompting resident farmers to become vigilantes. Equipment and crops have been disappearing overnight leading land owners to sleep out on their properties and exact their own justice on intruders. Repeated complaints to the police have been met with fees and little results.

Airbnb in Aruba: Airbnb has entered into an agreement with the Aruban Tourism Authority this week. With this contract in place, Airbnb can regulate and balance guidelines and ratios of Airbnb listings with established hotels. The Aruban Tourism Authority hopes that this agreement will make for an increase in tourism and boost the small island’s economy.

Tobago tourism down: Unemployment in Tobagonian hospitality is causing some business owners to reconsider  their field. Hoteliers and tourism managers sited two main problems in hospitality on Trinidad’s sister island Tobago. Insufficient transportation and advertisement have gravely impacted the vacation seasons over the last few years.  The lack of ferries, planes, and general buzz surrounding travel to Tobago from Trinidad has left many wanting. Many hotel employees and hospitality management officials have been laid off as the slow seasons have revealed dwindling numbers and decreased revenue.

Saba takes a loss: This week the small island of Saba, a Lesser Antillean island owned by the Netherlands, failed to secure one of three “Most Beautiful Nature Area of the Netherlands” awards. Saba was among twelve other nature parks and conservation areas vying for the honor. Unfortunately, Saba garnered only 2,666 public votes while top three contenders had between 8,000 – 15,000 votes. The 13 sq km island is home to the top of the dormant Mount Scenery volcano.

Employing Antigua: Antigua’s Prime Minister Gaston Browne promises an additional 5,000 jobs will be created within his term. This projection does not include the 3,000 jobs created since he took office two years prior. Browne projects these jobs will open in construction and administration.

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