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Bahamasair ticket scandal: Bahamian police are investigating the sale and purchase of severely-discounted fraudulent Bahamasair tickets. According to the address from Bahamasair, the individuals responsible for offering these tickets and those who may have purchased them will be tracked down. Any tickets purchased during this fraudulent period will not be honored as redeemable for travel. Tightened security measures will be put in place to secure future ticket purchases made with credit cards or for other parties.

Zika-free sisters: Kittitian officials report that so far, there have been no confirmed cases of Zika in either of the sister-islands. Despite the influx of reported cases in the surrounding region, the Kittitian Ministry of health reports no such increase and credits this success to a multi-pronged approach in mosquito-management. In this offensive plan, health care providers and citizens alike are being educated, mosquito-breeding sites are being eradicated and mapped, and the island is collaborating with the World Health Organization to study and prevent the spread of the Zika.

Aided conflicts: Amid the growing tensions between Guatemala and Belize, Canada has routinely assisted the Belize Defense Force. The hotly-contested border between Guatemala and Belize lies at the root of the continued conflict. In recent incidents, Belizean and Guatemalan civilians have kidnapped or killed opposing forces adding fuel to an already burning fire. Belizean officials traveled to Canada to seek border-protection expertise, and to date, Canada has contributed supplies and training in defense of Belize. Also adding to the conflict is the emerging tension along the border between Mexico and Belize where known drug activity has been reported.

Scammers to be prosecuted: Jamaican investigations into lottery scams have yielded sixteen individuals to be prosecuted in Jamaica. A raid of several suspected homes turned up more than $3,000 U.S. along with several computers and telephones. In the four years that this particular group was active, they defrauded many victims, usually elderly U.S. citizens, of more than $50,000.

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