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Cuban tourism crisis: Cuban tourism and the resulting economic boost is causing unforeseen problems. In the last two years travel to Cuba has become progressively unrestricted. For participants in the hospitality industry, this has been great news. For others,the benefits have yet to be seen. Incoming dollars from tourism have been causing inflation and price gouging. Taxis, hotels, and attractions have been booked and filled and are driving up the cost of housing and transportation for visitors and residents alike. Unfortunately, too, the benefits are being felt disproportionately along racial lines. Lighter-skinned Cuban business owners are hailing a majority of these added dollars, leaving many Afro-Cubans behind.

More room for hurricanes: Tropical Storm Otto, currently being studied by meteorologists, may be among a group of tropical depressions developing near Turks and Caicos. This year has exhibited one of the most active hurricane seasons since 2012, which documented 19 storms. Weather personnel predict that Otto may be the last of the extended season that is slated to end in November of this year.

TECO lights up the Bahamas: The Tampa Electric Company, or TECO as it is known, is paying it forward in the Bahamas. Starting this weekend, 20 TECO electricians will travel by ferry to the Grand Bahamas Island. For the next two weeks they will work 16-hour shifts to restore power to the island. In the last two weeks since the touchdown of Matthew, almost 75% of the island has been without energy.

Rains ravage Haiti: In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, torrential downpour is still pounding Haiti. These continued rains have sparked rampant flooding. Roads and bridges that connect certain communities have become inaccessible due to flooding. This limits even further the potential for aid to reach Haitian citizens in need. The flooding in Les Cayes, Haiti has resulted in five deaths and one missing person.

Shaking in Dominica: An earthquake was registered in Dominica this week with a magnitude of 5.8. Last Tuesday, October 18, near the capital of Roseau the earthquake was noted 19.8 miles below the seabed. Minimal damage was noted as the depth of the quake’s origin insulated the potential impact.



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