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Imagine performing your daily sun salutations at the break of dawn, breathing in fresh sea air and throwing your hands up past the Pitons to point to a clear sky. It’s the beginning of a new day in Saint Lucia on what will be the second annual Health & Wellness Retreat.

Running from November 1st to 3rd, 2013, the retreat will nurture yoga enthusiasts, health food fans and those who have taken the plunge into holistic living. Attendees benefit from foremost experts conducting wellness seminars, beachside fitness clinics, healthy cooking demonstrations…and the unforgettable sunrise meditations.

During this Health and Wellness Retreat, you won’t be confined to a shiny plastic classroom. The activities will be scattered from the northern Pigeon Island National Landmark with greenery as far as the eye can see, to St Lucia’s signature Pitons standing tall in the south.

Even among its equally idyllic sisters, this island has been particularly singled out as the “rejuvenation spot”. It could be that the island is strewn with world class spas and state of the art wellness facilities, but we think the secret to its spiritual awakening lies in its natural resources. At this retreat, you’ll be present in the natural landscape of St Lucia, getting personal with her raw beauty. You can start your morning with sun salutations on a white sand beach, then douse your body in Soufriere’s mineral and mud baths, absorbing the untouched and absolutely pure energy seeping from within the earth.

This year, panels will be led by “Iron Chef” Cat Cora, empowerment expert Gabrielle Bernstein, Master Yogi John Schumacher and Luke and Joanna Gray, dedicated to using fitness, food and lifestyle for self transformation. They will be joined by local connoisseurs like weight loss expert Marie Piazza, Tai Chi Master Jimmy James and Danielle Devaux who pumps everything into her Blood, Sweat and Tears workout.

In between your beachside massage therapy, your Tai Chi classes and your spa visits, you will have plenty of time to just meditate and relax.

After all, you can’t bathe in a real suphur spring in a big city. You certainly won’t find a more excited and sincere group to explore your choice for holistic living than those at the Health and Wellness Retreat. And it absolutely just doesn’t get any more relaxing than St. Lucia.

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