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As a working adult, I take pride in being able to treat and pamper myself every once in a while. It might’ve been the “You have McDonald’s money?” Or “There is food at home” speeches that might’ve traumatized me and made me more liberal with my foodie habits, but that’s besides the point. 

Whenever I’m on the road or in a fete and my stomach is almost touching my back, I am always hoping for a quick fix to keep me going. Being in Miami, we have an awesome selection of Caribbean restaurants so please allow me to pay a tribute to my top 5 favorite Caribbean quick bites.

1. Patty and Coco Bread

As you take your first bite from the sweet melt-in-your-mouth outer layer of bread to the flaky crust of the patty, this classic does wonders and leaves you with a belly full. Though it is commonly known as the Jamaican beef patty, it originated in England like many Caribbean foods. The Cornish miners ate small meat pastries while they worked because it was the perfect filling to-go snack. Now, there are so many different kinds of patties like vegetarian, curry chicken, lobster, goat and I can go on. Just make sure you have a lint roller because the stage 5 crumb overload is inevitable.


2. Doubles

Probably my latest obsession and always leaves me in a food coma. It’s very messy but if you don’t have tamarind sauce running down your arm, they didn’t do it right. It is a common sandwich-like street food on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. It consists of two baras, which is flat fried bread, filled with channa, which is curried chick peas, and other yummy toppings like pepper sauce (make it slight), cucumber chow, and extra tamarind sauce for me. Tip: Ladies don’t eat doubles with a fresh white manicure. You’ve been warned!

3. Pastelito

The Spanish pastry also known as the pastelito is definitely an anytime snack. In Miami, you can find hundreds of cafeterias baking fresh varieties—sweet or savory. Most enjoy it with a side of colada or cortadito. I personally enjoy the carne or guava and cheese mix with sugar on top, please and thank you!

4. Conch Fritters

This traditional Bahamian delicacy is a ball bursting with flavor. It is usually prepared with onions, bell peppers, chives, and loads of seasoning. Even though conch meat can be a little chewy, when ground and prepared properly, it’s mouth watering. I love making them myself because I know I won’t skimp on the conch.


5. Wontons

Confession. I’ve driven all the way to Doral once…or twice…or…anyway. I’ve driven to fetes to get these savory Caribbean-Chinese mouth bombs. They’re not like you’re regular Chinese restaurant dim sum, it’s on another level. Never greasy or over fried and just the right amount of crunch. By far, my favorite. The combination of sweet, salty, and “Bad Man Ting” pepper sauce is amazing. Major Key Alert, just get half chicken, half shrimp. You’re Welcome.

I know there are loads of small bites and snacks that are not listed here but tell me 360 Fam, what are you favorites? GO!

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