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Photo Source: Eloquence-inc.blogspot.com

Photo Source: Eloquence-inc.blogspot.com

By Jeane Neal

All who goin’ down, (All who are going down), for Trinidad Carnival say “Yeh Yeh!!” The countdown is on so I hope you have all your tickets for the fetes, your costumes, a waistline ready to wuk up and all extra necessities.

Speaking of carnival and costumes, I’ve noticed a hot trend lately for Carnival Monday Wear. Usually the bands will give you a shirt with the band name and shorts, but everyone seems to be stepping it up! I’ve seen monokinis, corsets, wire bras and the whole nine!

Monday Wear is a great idea but I don’t think you should over spend, especially if you already have a costume for Tuesday. You can sass it up with feathers, rhinestones, glitter and make it your own work of art! If you want to kick it up a notch but don’t have the money or you have missed the deadline to order, here are a few ideas for an affordable but hot DIY Carnival Monday Wear.

Band Shirt/Tank (cropped or bedazzled)
Cut-off jean shorts

Bandeau Top (in the primary color of your costume)
Metallic Boy Shorts
Head Chain and/or Belly Chain

Bedazzled or Feathered Corset
Boy Shorts
Carnival Tuesday Headpiece/Tiara (juss doh jook too much lol)

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