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As with the features, T&T Film Festival does not disappoint with number and variety of short films being shown at this year’s festival.  All Caribbean films … pretty amazing!! Let’s take a look at some of the film’s that made the Festival this year, here:

after masAfter Mas
by Karen Martinez
Narrative Short
T&T/UK, 2013 (20 mins)

Synopsis: After Mas is a story of love that flourishes under the cover of darkness during J’ouvert on the streets of Port of Spain. In the cold light of day, will these young lovers from very different backgrounds stay true to their desires? For more information, visit the film’s FB page and website.  Watch the trailer here.

by Lisa Harewood
Narrative Short
Barbados, 2013 (15 mins)

Synopsis:  When a barrel arrives from London bearing an unwelcome parcel, a caregiver in Barbados makes a hasty decision that risks destroying her special bond with a beloved child. For more information, visit the film’s FB page and website.

Watch the trailer here.

barbadoedBarbado’ed: Scotland’s Sugar Slaves
by Lydia Conway, Paul Arnott, Sean Brennan
Documentary Short
Barbados, 2009 (49 mins)

Synopsis:  When Oliver Cromwell transported 50,000 Scottish slaves to Barbados during an unprecedented act of ethnic cleansing, they disappeared from the history books. Three hundred years later, BBC broadcaster and writer Chris Dolan goes in search of their descendants, the island’s Redlegs, a small community still eking out a subsistence existence.

Watch the film here:

bel amzBel Amz
by Kareem Ferguson
Narrative Short Belize/USA, 2013 (8 mins)

Synopsis: A hard-working single mother from Belize deals with the challenges of raising two teenagers in a new country while being pregnant again. Will she ever achieve her dream of a better life and find a loyal mate?  For more information, check out the film’s FB page.  Watch the trailer here.

by Janine Fung
Documentary Short
Trinidad & Tobago, 2013 (10 mins)

Synopsis: Dance is the story of the ballerina Dai Ailian (1916–2006), who was born and raised in Trinidad before emigrating to China. Considered China’s mother of modern dance, she was the first person to bring western ballet to the country, in 1940, and would go on to co-found the National Ballet of China and the Beijing Dance Academy. For more information on the film, check out the production company’s FB page.  Watch the promo/trailer here.

earth water woman filmEarth, Water, Woman
by Alexandra Swati Guild and Sarah Feinbloom
Documentary Short
Trinidad & Tobago, 2013 (22 mins)

Synopsis:  Earth, Water, Woman spotlights the Fondes Amandes Community Re-Forestation Project in Trinidad and Tobago, and its charismatic leader Akilah Jaramogi, in their ongoing efforts to transform barren hillsides into a vibrant, healthy ecosystem. A micro solution for the macro problem of climate change, this documentary urges viewers everywhere to examine their relationship to Mother Earth.  For more information, visit the film’s websiteand FB page.  Watch the trailer here.

the earthquakeThe Earthquake
by Danielle Lessovitz
Narrative Short
USA/Haiti, 2012 (10 mins)

Synopsis:  In a cramped Brooklyn apartment nine days after the earthquake in Haiti, a pregnant refugee fears she’s carrying a stillborn, while children play a dangerous game in the next room. For more information, visit thefilm’s website and FB page. Watch the trailer here 

fallen people of the blacklandFallen People of the Blackland
by Joanne Haynes
Animated Short
Trinidad & Tobago, 2013 (4 mins)

Synopsis:  Sent as punishment to spend the night with his ancestors, Kayana, an adolescent Amerindian boy, is caught between the world of conscience and the world of survival. Will conscience override his basic survival instincts—to find food and abate the anger of his gods with an offering? For more information on Joanne and her work, visit her website and FB page.

by Shaundell Phillips
Narrative Short
Guyana, 2011 (15 mins)

Synopsis:  When Ganeshwar and Ayanna meet, two worlds clash and passions are enflamed. They choose the path that fate has thrust upon them, but there are those who would thwart their efforts at finding happiness.

jab in the darkJab in the Dark
by Robert MacFarlane
Narrative Short
TT/UK, 2013 (36 mins)

Synopsis:  A security guard who works the night shift finds himself stealing from the storage containers he should be guarding. His friend coerces him into taking something from his missing brother’s container, which leads to devilish complications.  For more information, visit the film’s website and FB page.

Watch the trailer below:

last angel of hxThe Last Angel of History
by John Akomfrah
Documentary Short
UK, 1995 (45 mins)

Synosis: The Last Angel of History is one of the most influential video-essays of the 1990s, influencing filmmakers and inspiring conferences, novels and exhibitions. Its exploration of the chromatic possibilities of digital video is embedded within a mythology of the future that creates connections between black unpopular culture, outer space and the limits of the human condition.  For more information, visit the film’s website and FB page.

Watch the introduction below:

by Maharaki
Narrative Short
Martinique, 2013 (13 mins)

Synopsis:  A teacher asks her class, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” While his joyful classmates respond, Tom, a quiet 12-year-old boy, slips away. For more information, visit the filmmaker’s website and the film’s FB page.

tombsThe Tombs
by  Jerry LaMothe
Narrative Short
Haiti/US, 2013 (29 mins)

Synopsis: This film chronicles a Brooklyn man’s three-day journey through New York’s infamous central booking jail system, notoriously known as the Tombs, and the interesting personalities he encounters while incarcerated.

Watch the teaser below:

to the nightTo the Night
by Kojo McPherson
Narrative Short
Guyana, 2012

Synopsis:  When Camille is rebuked for being a sex worker by her teenage daughter — after finding out that the daughter too is sexually active — she decides it is time to find a new line of work. However, finding a job that can support her family is easier said than done.  For more information, visit the filmmaker’s website.  Watch the trailer below:


For a look at the other films showing at the Festival, visit the Festival’s website and FB page.

Happy Festivalling!!!


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