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By Jeané Neal

I know it’s only Tuesday but having Monday off and this crazy workload on my desk, I can only wish it was Saturday! I know a lot of you are up north in the miserable, freezing, unbearable, (I’m-so-happy-I-live-in-Miami) cold. Mother Nature is going through it this year and not letting up at all, and while I know you wish you were somewhere tropical, I have a little something to help in the meantime.

Panty Rippa’ is one of my favorite recipes. Some of you may know it as a regular pineapple and rum, but Belizeans have given it this moniker long before I was born. It definitely lives up to its name…or so I’ve heard!

**Disclaimer: Island 360 asks that you always drink responsibly. We are also not responsible for any loss of “panty” either.**

What You Need:

Rum Soaked Pineapple Chunks
Coconut Rum (to taste)
Pineapple Juice
Strawberry to Garnish

First, cover bottom of glass/cup/tumbler with rum-soaked pineapples. Mix rum, pineapple juice and ice in shaker. Pour mixture over pineapples and garnish with strawberry. Enjoy.


Joie De Vivre <3

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