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via GQ.com

In the name of pumping iron and expressing yourself, enjoy this GQ exclusive “Workout Mix” from Walshy Fire of Major Lazer, Diplo’s prime outlet for reverb-drenched dub and booty-shaking anthems. The mix, made under the umbrella of Diplo, Skrillex , and A-Trak’s Potato network, includes everything from twerk-ready redos of classics (like M83’s “Midnight City”) to giant dancehall-trap bangers (see “So & So“). These songs here are all awesomely excessive, lavish, and universal—much like the accompanying artwork, which features a Lamborghini Gallardo with a video vixen squatting nearby…in space. So, some advice: Play it loud. This mix bangs.Below, Major Lazer’s “Workout Mix”:

Major Lazer’s latest record, Free the Universe, is available here.
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